About the Classes

Achyutananda teaches in the tradition of Satyananda Yoga - an accessible style of yoga that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their age, fitness level, social background or religious views.
The wide variety of Satyananda Yoga practices can be extended into daily life. They provide tools that can be used into every moment of the student’s life. Practicing Satyananda Yoga can not only improve your physical health but it can also reduce mental and emotional stress and lead to a more harmonious state of being.

Private Classes

Private/Individual Classes are available as one-to-one sessions. They are suitable for both those new to yoga who want a more personal introduction and for long-time practitioners who want to delve deeper into specific practices.
The duration of the class is between 1-1½ hours, with availability to book any time, seven days a week. You can choose between the comfort of your own home or the teacher’s centrally located apartment where mats, blankets and changing facilities are provided.

Group Classes

Group Classes are available for small groups ranging from 4-12 people. Suitable for a group of friends or work colleagues, etc.
The duration of the classes can be to suit the group needs. The options being your home/work place or the teacher’s centrally located apartment.

On-line Classes

On-line Classes are another option for those with busy lifestyles wishing to maximise their timetables.
At the moment two classes are offered:
Monday: General Class 1900-2000
Thursday: Meditation Class 1900-2000

Both classes contain asana and pranayama, Monday class emphasises relaxation, Thursday Meditation.

Another option is private on-line classes that combine the advantages of on-line and private classes: flexible timings, specific practice orientated classes, etc.

Please feel free to contact me for more details or if you would be interested in private on-line classes.

Studio Classes/Seminars

Achyutananda has taught at most of the major studios in Sofia.
Day/weekend seminars can be arranged on various topics including: Introduction to the Chakras, Chakra Shuddhi, various meditation techniques, etc.
If you would be interested in such courses in your studio please contact me.

Stability through Yoga

You cannot always control what goes on outside,
But you can always control what goes on inside.

The Teacher

Achyutananda was born in the UK and has dedicated over 30 years of his life to teaching yoga. Being an official Emissary of the Bihar School of Yoga, he has taught throughout Europe, as well as in Australia, India and Iran. His diverse experience includes teaching yoga for the Inner London Adult Education Authority for many years, drug rehabilitation centres, men’s prisons, special classes for the visually impaired and those living with HIV+.

Achyutananda’s teaching style conveys depth and understanding of yoga that is accessible to everyone. Being resident in Sofia for the past ten years he continues to develop his teaching according to the needs of the people and current situations.

He specialises in Meditation and its practical applications. Meditation topics include relaxation, mind management, breath meditations and mantra meditation.

One of his passions is the practice of Kirtan (mantra chanting) and introducing people to this ancient science.

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Feel free to ask your questions or schedule a class at:

+359 888 84 72 46